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About West Texas Pressure Testing

Manuel and Melissa Romo formed JB’s Testing and Supply in 2017 as a wireline supply house and quickly evolved with the addition of hydrotesting services. The couple combined entrepreneurial drive, accommodating skills, knowledge, and experience, allowing them to refine the original idea.
Deploying Manuel’s 19-plus years of industry experience enabled an opportunity to serve as a mobile service across the Midland-Odessa. In 2020, JB’s Testing & Supply pivoted, developing an innovative strategy requiring rebranding to form West Texas Pressure Testing (WTPT), a Limited Liability Company. The approach integrated customer loyalty to fueling a brick-and-mortar location just off the 191, increasing growth relevant to the size and reach.
Today, WTPT is home to eight employees who have served the wireline industry’s leading companies throughout the Permian Basin. Hard work, dedication, efficiency, and effectiveness drive productivity while empowering exceptional service to produce quality results. As the business grows, partnerships are formed, goals are achieved, and the workplace builds a family that initiates a positive, motivating, and morale-boosting culture as key to the long-term success of connecting customers with the brand. In addition, WTPT values strong relationships formed with customers, employees, and the community.

WTPT team appreciates their customers, ongoing support, and loyalty to expand services of hydrotesting, wireline pressure control equipment, setting tools, and testing pipelines, with the planning of more.
Our Company

Co-founder of West Texas Pressure Testing

18+ Years of O&G Experience

13 with Pressure Control Systems and Processes

Co-founder of West Texas Pressure Testing

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Texas Tech University in 2008 


We ensure companies have a reliable place to obtain professional inspections of their vital equipment, ensure safety and reliability while focusing on advancing the asset's life cycle. Our partnership is to minimize downtime and improve the bottom line with accurate pressure testing, whether new or existing or after repair. 


Hydrostatic testing involves professional filling the component (components such as pipes or gas cylinders) with water, removing all the air from within, and finally, adding pressure. WTPT can determine if a vessel can safely hold the amount of pressure applied and reaches specifications or ratings. In addition, we confirm that the weld joints and flanges are adequately fitted to verify material utilization relevant to sustaining the required pressure. 


Hydrostatic pressure test certification expresses a medium plus pressure while moving forward to declare a specific date; the part achieves the required pressure without leakage or permanent deformation. Hydrostatic testing of hazardous liquid pipelines requires a four-hour continuous test to reach 125% of the maximum operating pressure (MOP) and 110% of MOP if the pipeline is not visible. 

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