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Our Promise to You

Assuring Optimum Performance and Safety

Our goal at West Texas Pressure Testing is to use our asset integrity capabilities to assure customers that their equipment is in optimum working condition and, in this way, avoid costly downtime or safety failures under high and intended working pressures. We want to be an extension of our customers’ team in the sense that we want to help our clients maximize the performance of their assets and increase their life expectancy. We’re here to help you thrive!

West Texas Pressure Testing provides inspections, recertification, and repair services for a wide variety of oilfield equipment. We have the necessary equipment and qualified technicians to facilitate all levels of recertification and repair of your pressure control equipment, settings tools, pipeline, camels/raisers, reverse units, and more. Our recertification & repair services extend to any equipment developed by all manufacturers in the industry.


We offer various services to ensure your equipment is repaired and recertified with our fully outfitted and advanced facilities. WTPT facilities include a fully contained pressure testing bay, paint & sandblasting services, and access to a local machine shop with state-of-the-art equipment. 

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Hydrotest/Pressure Test


Pressure Control Equipment

Level I

Standard Pressure Testing

Level II


Level III


  • Visual Inspection

  • Pressure Test

  • Function Test

  • Banding of Equipment

  • Complete Documentation

  • Open Up Equipment

  • Inspect Inner/Outer Seals

  • Visual Inspection

  • Replace All Seals

  • Close Up Equipment

  • Includes All Level I

  • Equipment Disassembly

  • Clean/Inspect All Parts for Wear

  • Visual Inspection

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • NDT

  • Equipment Reassembly

  • Blacklight

  • Sandblast

  • Paint

  • Includes All Level I

Setting Tools

Setting Tools

Inspection & Re-Certification

  • Visual Test

  • Break Apart Tool

  • Wash

  • Dye Penetrate Application

  • Developer Application

  • Black Light Inspection

  • Gage Tool

  • Re-assemble

  • Pressure Test

  • Complete Documentation



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