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Manuel Romo, Co-Owner

With over 18 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Manuel Romo co-founded West Texas Pressure Testing. He has extensive knowledge of the oil and gas process, from exploration to extraction, and he also understands the industry culture. Manuel spent 13 years specializing in pressure control equipment, beginning with his position as a Field Supervisor at Peak Pressure Control in 2011.

Manuel's career in pressure control began when he caught the attention of a PCE company due to his exceptional commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and prioritization of safety. He was promptly offered a Field Supervisor position with Peak Pressure Control, where he served from 2011 to 2015. Manuel gained extensive knowledge of pressure control equipment and operations during his tenure. He developed excellent teamwork and team-building skills, which helped him establish positive partnerships in the field. He demonstrated the ability to work well under pressure, meet deadlines, and display high levels of resourcefulness and adaptability, leading to his promotion to Senior Field Supervisor. In this role, Manuel directly supervised and assisted with the installation of pressure control products.

Peak Pressure Control soon became known for its excellent quality service and was subsequently acquired by Nine Energy Services. Manuel was promoted to Shop Foreman for his comprehensive understanding and experience with pressure control equipment, such as lubricators, BOPs, Hydrostatic High-Pressure Test Pumps, and others. Under his guidance, Nine reduced equipment maintenance costs by 75% within the first month. He oversaw workers to ensure quality work, trained employees in various pressure control operations and safety measures, and ensured efficient shop operations.

Soon after, Manuel was offered an opportunity to co-found a pressure control company, Precise Pressure Control, where his valuable experience assisting in developing methods, guidelines, and policies to facilitate efficient service delivery would prove helpful in establishing and scaling the company. Following the acquisition of Precise Pressure Control, Manuel was approached by Reach Wireline and initially served as a Field Supervisor before becoming the Pressure Control Equipment Manager (PCE Manager), where he helped the company excel in its line of work. 

Manuel has built many relationships throughout his career, and his expertise and knowledge have become respected and sought after. Along with his wife Melissa, Manuel founded JB's Testing & Supply, starting as a wireline supply company. They soon identified a great need for pressure testing services and set out to fill them. Today, their small 2-person company has grown to over six employees serving multiple big-name companies in the Permian Basin. They ventured into entrepreneurship to have more time and freedom, build something they are both proud of, and possibly leave it to posterity.

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