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Ensuring Safety, Reliability, and Leak Tightness


Our Mission is to provide the industry with a trusted partner by delivering valuable testing services to analyze and guarantee the integrity of their equipment.


To become the #1 inspection and recertification company in the Permian Basin, built on the principle of providing quality service contributing to higher safety standards, thus maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Core Values
  • Relationships: WTPT exists on a foundation constructed on nurturing trusting relationships. Our value is created by our conviction to complete transparency, honesty, and integrity advocating mutual success. 

  • Teamwork: Teamwork makes the Dream Work! An open and collaborative environment strengthens transparency, energizes a positive team atmosphere that motivates engagement, boosts productivity, and defines clear expectations. 

  • Quality Service: Our operations focus on delivering the highest quality service, where our customer is at the center of every decision we make. We strive to fulfill our promises and exceed requirements and expectations while providing end-to-end accountability.

Company Insight
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West Texas Pressure Testing 

West Texas Pressure Testing (WTPT) provides inspection services to achieve re-certification & repair services for drilling well control equipment (including but not limited to wireline pressure control equipment, setting tools, and pipeline) via hydrotesting, commonly called pressure testing.


Professional Testing 

WTPT provides a reliable place to obtain professional inspections of vital equipment to guarantee safety and reliability while focusing on advancing the asset’s life cycle. Our priority is to minimize downtime and improve the bottom line with accurate pressure testing.

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